Botox Injections: Avoiding Bruises

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Botox Injections: Avoiding Bruises

3 May 2018
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Seeing yourself in pictures and in the mirror may not be a joyous occasion these days, due to sagging skin or deep facial lines. Luckily, Botox and many types of injected skin fillers can plump those areas that need help so that your appearance looks fresher and younger. However, while you may imagine that it's a matter of sitting during the injections, it's important to note that your initial behaviors afterward can affect results. Many people are sad to wake up the next day and find bruises at the site of each injection. This can certainly be avoided, particularly if you're avoiding these things for a few days.


Dermal fillers are probably not the only way you're seeking to improve your physical appearance. Exercising is, of course, a common way to trim and tone different muscle groups, particularly cardio exercises like jogging or cycling. Once the injections are in, you may want to stop over at a gym to work out and imagine how great you'll look. This can be a regrettable mistake.

Exercise encourages healthy blood to pump through all your arteries, veins, and other blood vessels, including your facial capillaries. The injection points on your face need time to clot and close; this isn't easy when your body is working out and circulation is increasing. Bruises could be present if you hit the gym too hard. Just wait a few days.

Touching Your Face

The fillers may feel a bit strange because parts of your face that had been sagging and sunken are suddenly plumper. You may want to massage the areas and wonder at the process or lean on your face as you may do without noticing. However, too much of this can expel the liquid, and it will be absorbed by other parts of your face, which could cause minor bruising and a look that isn't too different than you started with.

Drinking Alcohol 

After a long or busy day, your injections might have been the last stop before the local bar or a friend's party. However, before enjoying your favorite cocktails, you should stop and remember that alcohol isn't good if you want the injections to settle well. Alcohol can severely slow clotting; a fun night could lead to a surprised look in your bathroom mirror when you see bruises near injection points. Stick with water.

Your dermatologist can explain these and other mistakes further so avoiding them is easy and beautiful skin is almost a guarantee. Ask questions to feel more than confident that your injections and face look gorgeous.